Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners Trail – Moab, Utah

What an amazing trail!

If you start at the McDonalds on Main Street in Moab and turn onto Kane Creek Road, follow Kane Creek to the very end. The road becomes dirt and goes through some beautiful scenery, then it crosses Kane Creek. This crossing can be a trickle of water or a rushing river of mud and quicksand, depending on the current weather conditions.

When Kane Creek Road ends, the Hurrah Pass trail begins. The road turns toward the mesas at the edge of the canyon and then climbs the mesas over a series of switchbacks. The scenery here is epic as you climb the mesas, passing hoodoos, balancing rocks, rock spires, massive boulders, and more. You soon come to Hurrah Pass and the view is incredible from the pass. You can see beyond the Colorado River all the way to the potash ponds at the end of Potash Road.

The trail makes it’s way down the mesa past more balancing rocks, hoodoos, and jaw-dropping scenery, finally coming to the start of the Chicken Corners Trail. The name Chicken Corners is either due to a narrow section of shelf road that many are scared to drive across, or due to the hiking trail at the end of the road that takes you on a narrow ledge hundreds of feet above the Colorado River below.

At the end of the trail you are across the Colorado River from Thelma and Louise Point. If you’ve seen the movie Thelma and Louise, you surely remember the end scene when they drive their car off a cliff and into the Grand Canyon. That scene wasn’t filmed at the Grand Canyon, it was actually filmed in Moab, Utah, at what is now known as Thelma and Louise Point.

This trail is long, but easy. There were no sections where I felt like my FJ Cruiser might hit anything, and no real off-camber, loose, or rocky sections. I think with careful line picking my wife’s Subaru Outback could drive this trail. Still, it’s one of my favorites in Moab.

Approaching the climb to the top of Hurrah Pass
Hurrah Pass
The Chicken Corners Trail
The end of the Chicken Corners Trail.
The Chicken Corner hike at the end of the trail.
Looking back at my FJ from the Chicken Corner point.
The end of the Chicken Corners Trail, across the Colorado River from Thelma and Louise Point. If you look at the mesas on the other side of the river, you can see they are the same ones that are in the background of the picture of Thelma and Louise’s mustang driving into the “Grand Canyon”. I linked to that photo in the write up above.

You can find a complete trail description of Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners, including maps and GPS coordinates, in the excellent Fun Treks guidebook to Moab, Utah 4WD Trails (link goes to